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. >> i explained to the officials that there were other companies already in america and brazil so that they would not achieving anything but once it was obvious they would be going, i would rather destroy then give it back or allow the courts to freeze our reporting. >> what should we make of it? i was joined by the internet campaign director randy gave us his take on the revelations from the guardian. >> we should be very worried about it. this is an escalation in the battle between privacy advocates and whistleblowers and people in the nsa here in the united states or other intelligence agencies abroad who are fighting for the future of our right to communicate in private. the fact that reduce intelligence agencies are actually willing to go as far as what they have done and destroy the hard drives of one of the most prominent newspaper errs in that country and in the western world is incredibly frightening and it really shows what we are rough against here if we believe, as we do here at free press and many of our allies in a person's right to communicate in private and rolling
tanks after hundreds of tons of water leaked out. >>> al jazeera america has kicked off in new york. some welcome a different angle on the news while others say it's biased against the u.s. >>> and the friends and family of a japanese war correspondent are remembering her one year after her death and trying to spread her message. >>> workers at the damaged fukushima daiichi plant say a leakage of contaminated water may have gone undetected for some time. they say the storage tank doesn't have a water level gauge and their monitoring may not have been adequate. workers found a puddle forming just outside a low wall surrounding tanks near reactor number four. they confirmed one of the tanks lost more than 300 tons of water. the water contains high levels of radioactive substances. officials of the tokyo electric power company says the tank has no water gauge. they say the workers didn't notice the leak in their daily inspections until they saw the puddle outside the barrier. nuclear regulators urged the utility to check 350 tanks of the same structure in the compound. >> translator: i
for the economic hardship they will go through. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> al jazeera america launched in the united states. one before -- hour before they were on air, they were dropped by at&t uverse. a spokesman said, we dropped the current tv channel and will not carry al jazeera america due to contract disputes. we provide value for our customers and business. judges era america faced a similar setback when it was dropped by time warner cable after acquiring current tv. 48 million households in the can tune into al jazeera america but major networks like cnn, msnbc, and fox reach more than 100 million households. that does it for now. for more on the stories we covered, go to america. you can follow me on twitter. we will sasee you back h ere at -- back hee at 8 p.m. >>> hello there. welcome to "newsline." it's thursday, august 22nd, i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the people who operate the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant are wrestling with yet another challenge. they'd already confirmed that more than 300 tons of highly radioactive waste water has leaked from a
. are what the latest polls. a small percentage want their president to act, but about 60% say america should not stay away -- i mean, it should stay away civil war in syria. but there is a statement that obama should do more for the rebels then just send them on, while almost 80%, i should say 90% to not want america to help the opposition. meanwhile, the medical charity doctors without borders say they received more than 3000 patients suffering when the chemical assault happened. 350 people died, but who was behind the attack is still hard to verify. this is the rebel group saying they have got their largest shipment of weapons in the past three days, with the u.s. military buildup in the region. one man says this is not a coincidence. >> we have to see these elements as connected, as related to each other, as a strategy to try to reverse the course that the war has taken, where the government has made very significant gains, and to try to stifle the effort to bring down the independent government of syria. there are a lot of weapons out there in the world. there are rebel groups at this po
>> production funding and educational outreach for biz kids is provided by a coalition of america's credit unions, where people are worth more than money. a complete list of individual credit union funders is available at >> every day, america's credit unions help members with their financial needs and with programs like invest in america. it's only fitting that credit unions support biz kids because financial education is what we do. learn more at >> just let your mind go blank. i'm sure you can do that, marine. >> i'm an avatar, sent to the planet spendora. the natives there, the sa-vi, are the most financially literate beings in the universe. i've come to learn their language. >> sav-ings-plan.
to this week in the americas. the u.s. army private bradley man in, what impact did the whistle blower have on america abroad? and negotiating with the colombian rebel group. and the villagers that take on the drug cartels. but first, viewed as a hero by some and a traitor by others, a soldier who blew the whistle on america's military and diplomatic secrets, found guilty of espionage and theft charges, but acquitted of aiding the enemy. >> when carrying out the air raid on baghdad in 2007, these pilots could not have imagined the video would one day be made public. the footage showing the killing of journalists and several other civilians sparking controversy. this is among the data and over by bradley manning and he has been convicted for it. they released a series of top- secret documents just as damaging. hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables. >> the battlefield consequences are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, allies, partners, and they will damage our relationships in debt -- a reputation in that part of the world. >> it is clear enemies of the u.s. will take care
and educational outreach for biz kids is provided by a coalition of america's credit unions, where people are worth more than money. a complete list of individual credit union funders is available at >> every day, america's credit unions help members with their financial needs and with programs like invest in america. it's only fitting that credit unions support biz kids because financial education is what we do. learn more at >> it's time for america's fastest growing game show! >> wheel of misfortune! >> our contestant today is mr. david jenkins! dave here is an employee with the extreme boards and sports shop. seems like you've done your share of spinning already, haven't you, dave? >> uh... >> great!
children, as well. >> america's motor city working to start up for recovery. detroit becomes the largest city in the country to file for bankruptcy in u.s. history. this after a steady drop in population and decline in tax base for the past several decades. now the city is sitting on $18.5 billion in debt. >> one of the things that i want to say to our citizens is that as tough as this is, i really didn't want to go in this direction, but now that we are here, we have to make the best of it. >> detroit's murder rate is also at a 40-year high, and the population is at a low of 700,000. pope francis makes his first trip overseas since becoming pontiff, presiding over world youth day in rio de janeiro, bringing in millions of young catholics from around the world to attend the event that happens every two years. the pope, who has spoken often of concerns for the poor, will tour a shanty neighborhood and speak to business and political leaders. for "teen kids news," i'm laura ingle, "fox news channel in the classroom." >> imagine trying to find your way in a new country when both the languag
will be first premier abroad. >> like most newcomers early japanese came to america full of hope. >> reporter: 340,000 japanese went to america before the second world war. many worked on farms but laws prohibited them from owning land or even becoming american citizens. >> go home, go home! >> reporter: he lived in seattle with his parents and brothers. the u.s. entered the war in 1941 after japan attacked pearl harbor. the government sent 120,000 japanese americans to internment camp in deserts and swamps. hisamil was among them. he was 10. >> we were imprisoned by barb wires and armed guard watch towers and so we lost our freedom. >> reporter: after the war, the japanese americans were released. many of them found it difficult to talk about the war. they chose to be silent. it was he from the third generation that broke the silence. the civil rights movement which started in the late '50s, prompted the younger generation to speak out. >> we will have no more of this silence! >> the silence is broken. >> the silence is broken. >> reporter: finally in the 1980s, a congressional commission fo
-year-old tad aesh yamada holds his brother's flag. it came from america. his brother died in what is now myanmar. his remains were never recovered. >> translator: when i touch this flag, all the memories of my brother come flooding back. it makes me feel so sad. >> a former american soldier knows how special these flags are to people who lost relatives. 87-year-old martin conner of new york collects hinamaru and other items to send them back to where he thinks they belong. mickey matsumoto reports. >> reporter: she holds her dead son's hinamaru. >> translator: my mother stares at the flag with tears every day. that makes me painfully aware of the horrors of war. i really hope more belongings can be returned to the familyie. >> reporter: conner has dedicated his life to searching america for the he sent more than 100 items back to families over the last 40 years. >> i just think it's the right thing to do. i know how i would feel if one of my youngsters, which i thought was gone 60, 70 years ago. >> reporter: at 18, conner joined the u.s. marine corps. he was sent to the island of
america that are conducting experiments. out of the scientific public system. so this physician is saying ok we have patients who get recovered but when we take a look at the scientific publications, we don't find much information. so they are anticipating to doing something that hasn't been well document bid science. if we get some opinions, i don't know if what 81 years old you could be the right candidate so you should contact one of these doctors. perhaps she's -- i don't know if she is a candidate but i should tell that you have to be careful with the because there are many physicians and apprentices that offer you something that perhaps they cannot really offer you. and they say they are going to cure something. and people are so distressed because it's a business. and now we hear from the question. what's your question? >> yes. good afternoon. i want to congratulate you for this program. i have a four-year-old son and he suffers from allergies and he has had asthma attacks. and what worries me now is that i don't know if it is simple. his ears get red and itchy and burn. but he has
in america voted for president obama, they thought finally george bush is leaving, no more bush, no more unilateral wars but what is president obama doing? exactly what president bush did. >> the u.n. inspectors left a hotel in damascus on friday apparently heading for inspection sites. they plan to leave syria on saturday morning shortening their stay. a resident of damascus says people are stocking up on food and moving away from military facilities out of concerns of possible military attacks. >>> a u.s. television network says the united states has proof that top syrian military officials discussed last week's chemical weapons attack after it reportedly took place. cnn says they intercepted telephone conversations form the basis for the u.s. conclusion that the syrian government was behind the attack. cnn quotes u.s. officials as saying the conversations show discussing the chemical attack in detail. they also said officers said it would be wise to refrain from launching more chemical attacks in the future because of the attention it was drawing. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel sa
in the world. it is also profoundly about who we are. we are the united states of america. we are the country that has tried not always successfully but always tried to honor a set of universal values around which we have organized our lives and our aspirations. >> he went on to say the president said in syria will dictate how future regimes treat their people. as of right now president obama says no final decision has been made. >> i have said before and i meant what i said. the world has a nomination to make sure that we maintain the norm against the use of chemical weapons. i have not made a final decision about various actions that might be taken to help enforce that norm. >> a new poll says 80% of americans believe that president obama should seek congressional approval before making decisions on whether or not to enter been. dennis kucinich tweeted -- also the obama administration released document supporting allegations that the regime was responsible for the chemical attack that killed 1400 29 civilians including 426 children. that same attack sickened over 3600 people. i spoke with t
and the americas visit the caribbean country as health tourists. in fact, until his death, former venezuelan president hugo chavez traveled to cuba for multiple cancer treatments and surgeries. for many years now, its healthcare system has included a strong element of traditional chinese medicine. but as our senior latin america correspondent in havana reports, this time-honored custom mode which is now standard actors in the country, was at the beginning a necessary alternative. >> 76-year-old orlando damaged his knees after a fall at home. his treatment consists of acupuncture along with another form of traditional chinese medicine. heat is applied to the acupuncture needles to help stimulate the blood flow to >> it's good, he told me. my condition has improved a lot. orlando is receiving his treatment at the main provincial hospital in matan says. -- in matanzans. it is especially popular for the treatment of physical injuries and pain. here the turned to traditional chinese medicine out of necessity during economic crisis following the collapse of the soviet union. but now, it is an inte
after a multimillion dollar recall. >> welcome to the biz asia america. much more on what is happening in syria, but also latin america as well. we will travel to brazil to see what that country's central bank is doing to keep interest rates on hold. a special report on south africa's fight for economic equality. first, the latest from syria. >> u.s.says the u.s. is certai's government carried out chemical weapon attacks near damascus last week. obama said the u.s. had not yet decided whether to go ahead with military intervention. the permanent members of the un security council have held talks on a british resolution that could allow military action in syria, but that meeting has ended in deadlock. full report later on in the program. thousands gathered in washington to pay tribute to a historical day for civil rights in the u.s. 50 years ago, in 1960 three, the march on washington and martin luther king junior's iconic "i have a dream" speech changed history forever. i will be back in 30 minutes for more. now back to michelle in new york. >> thanks. despite the situation in syria, u
for victims. >> we are cctv america. >> welcome back. in mumbai, india sailors are feared dead. when blasts left a vessel engulfed in flames. a senior officer would not rule out sabotage. >>> at this point in time, we know that for some time, ms. would be coming from the indian navy. behind me is where the accident happened. at this point in time, no one [indiscernible] but the 18 sailors that were on board, there has been no contact with them and the government will be declaring -- [indiscernible] a report will coming out two weeks from now. for now, the government is not ruling out anything. we know one blast happened outside the submarine followed by multiple blasts that engulf the entire submarine and it sunk in the next two hours. wednesday morning saw a massive explosion that left clouds of fumes behind. the explosion left the indian simmering sinking. 18 sailors are feared dead and the navy is asking families of of the sailors to prepare for the worst. a board of inquiry will look at all possible explanations that could have led to the blast. >> the basic question is what caused the
in the american- russian relationship. and senior fellow ship at the partnership for secure america. was this just for a short time, he is a journalist at the russian service. halfway through this, you are off. we will get your thoughts in a moment. by satellite we have to guess, the director studies at the institute democracy, good to see. in washington d.c., the chief political columnist and one house correspondent for newsmax. what are the issues that could fit into something called human rights under the criminal justice system? your time is scarce. tell us what you have written about its implications and ramifications for all of us. >> i am following this case like you are for several years. each time there's something new, it gets more and more unbelievable if you have read kafka or orwell, this is nothing. they say the russian officials stole 230 million. people put him in prison when he testified and he stayed in prison 358 days after he was tortured and almost died. after this campaign started, the united states and europeans want to maybe discuss it. at the same time, russia saw european
the norm in paraguay. democracy in paraguay is among the most fragile in latin america. there are, however, several unanswered questions, and the new president faces a number of difficult challenges. adam schreiber, as easy tv. >> -- cctv. >> coming up next, why is china investing heavily in mongolia's energy industry? >> welcome back. exports of japanese goods to china hit a four-year low in the first half of this year. if you look at this graph carefully, it is pretty clear that there is less trade with china, which is usually second to the u.s. as japan's top customer. the report also comes as japan marks a world war ii defeat. china and korea both suffered under japanese rule at that time. rising diplomatic tensions between china and japan could affect 150,000 japanese living in shanghai. revisited a japanese restaurant to find out how tensions are affecting business. >> this japanese restaurant opened in shanghai five years ago. it has sushi and sashimi. the owner said he came to shanghai nine years ago because china had more business opportunities at that time. >> in japan, economics
. the european union has suspended arms sales. america has threatened to freeze military aid. it has branded the killing deplorable. it has long seen the military as crucial to stability. still, the influence now is in question. they are angry with washington. but while the west has been troubled, russia has moved in to offer military and economic support. >> russia used it to find out where they were. egypt will keep using this need to get the utmost of its relations. >> with our new foreign-policy, it will be a well-balanced relationship between egypt and the other major powers. china, russia, the u.s.. we already understand that concentrating on a given country is not good. >> the african union tries to negotiate with little success. egypt has clashed publicly with over what it sees as undue interference. these are tiring times, and worrying, too. >> it has been adopted in tunisia, libya, and the entire world is watching closely, the developments in egypt. >> the operator of the crippled fukushima nuclear plant says workers need help to stabilize and safely decommissioned damaged reactors
and that it be a grave error. assad gave an interview to a russian newspaper. the u.s. can expect to fail. america has taken part in numerous wars, but has never been able to achieve the political objectives. i will begin on my right. we have jordan. welcome to the show. former u.s. state department official, you were based and damascus in the early 1990s. well acquainted with the middle eastern region. right next to you on your right, thank you for being here. assistant professor and a specialist at the american university here in paris. you are a researcher with france foundation for strategic research. last, but not least, joining me by celebrate -- satellite from tel aviv. i am glad you are there to give us your view. i want to cut to the chase. inspectors finally got out to the field today. hanging around in the hotel for five days. they got back and collected some material. under these circumstances, can they do their job? what i think they can do part of their job. the first step of their mission is to identify the presence of a chemical agent. this is the most easiest part to achieve. they ca
for temporary asylum until he could relocate to latin america. some countries in that region have offered him political asylum. american authorities have been asking russian leaders to extradite him but the russians refused. snowden told the guardian newspaper and other media that nsa agents collect vast amounts of private internet and phone data at home and abroad. u.s. authorities defended the surveillance program saying they prevented terrorist attacks. >>> spokespersons for the russian presidential office say snowden entering russia will not have an impact on relations with the u.s., and they say it will not affect summit talks between presidents putin and obama scheduled for september. >>> japan's deputy prime minister taro aso has had to retract some recent remarks. they can be seen as citing the nazis as an example japan could follow in amending its constitution. aso said he regrets having caused the misunderstanding. aso told a symposium monday he doesn't want to see a debate on changing the constitution conducted in a frenzy. he say germany's constitution was changed before anyone re
to move on to latin america. some countries there have offered him permanent asylum. snowden worked on contract as an intelligence analyst for the national security agency. he told "the guardian" newspaper and other media that agents collect private internet and phone data. u.s. authorities have defended the surveillance programs saying they prevented terrorist attacks. spokespersons for the russian presidential office say the decision to grant snowden asylum will not affect relations with the u.s. the white house press secretary was less clear-cut. >> we are extremely disappointed that the russian government would take this step despite our very clear and lawful requests in public and in private to have mr. snowden expelled to the united states to face the charges against him. >> kearney said president barack obama would attend the g-20 summit in st. petersburg in september. but the president may cancel a meeting around the same time with russian president vad mir putin. snowden released a statement on the wikileaks website. he said over the past eight weeks the obama administratio
to live in russia until he can secure permanent asylum in latin america. some countries there have offered to take him in. >>> supporters of ousted president morsi have heard the warnings, but are refusing to back down. leaders are telling them to in their sit ins, but ty're planning to fill the steets after friday prayers. morsi supporters have been staging sit ins and two squares in the capital. military commanders pushed morsi out of office a month ago and installed a new government. interior ministry officials have warned the demonstrators to leave the squares. leaders have instructed security authorities to prepare to lead the protesters. the leaders of muslim brotherhood are still calling for large scale rallies. supporters of the president have been streaming into the squares. they have placed sandbags at the entrances, men wearing helmets and carrying sticks stand on guard. >> translator: we are staging a peaceful protest. we are willing to risk our lives for democracy. military commanders and security forces have used vehicles. some units are about one kilometer from the squares.
the weak currency. the feed imported from south america is now more expensive. the fish is also becoming popular outside japan. demand is particularly strong among wealthy russians and americans. and now japanese buyers have to compete with them for eel from china. this eel restaurant in tokyo was established 140 years ago. the price of a domestic eel dish here is now more than 3,000 yen, almost $30. it's owners don't want to raise prices, and are trying to compensate by reducing kitchen staff. >> translator: if we raise prices we'll lose customers. we need to make more cuts to cope with our supplier's price hikes. the eels cost us $5 more per kilo than last year. >> many consumers are turning to eel substitutes when they can't get their hands on the real thing. chicken is stepping in to fill the gap. they are made to look like grilled eel. >> one company offers another option, shark. the spiney duck fish is a common variety of shark that is readily available around the world. this company processes 500 tons of the fish every year. they decided to offer this alternative. they say spiney
: america's east coast was hit by hurricane sandy last october. in new york alone, more than 50 people died and over 100,000 buildings were damaged. this 18-year-old is a member who wanted to share her disaster experience with japanese children. >> i saw the destruction and spoke with families who had lost their homes even halfway across the world where we're trying to help and still lifting spirits and we feel their pain. >> reporter: they chose hana wa saku, a song dedicated to people living in disaster area. they learned the meaning of the lyrics from a volunteer. >> still there is a flower to bloom in the future. so that's the song. >> reporter: tohar decided to sing the song for her parents at home before going off to japan. ♪ ♪ >> i guess disasters do happen, but i could also feel the message of don't give up. >> hello. how are you? >> in july, 40 members visit sendai and gave a concert for children at a school. ♪ >> reporter: their energetic performers made the children smile and dance. at the end, they sang hana wa saku with the children. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> translator: i
it is fair that we look at ourselves in america. i'm american. every time there is a presidential pardon, there is controversy. there is a criminal that is released -- that has never been, to my knowledge, a pedophile released. let's say for arguments sake that it pedophile were released by obama when he leaves. i wouldn't expect an apology. i would expect a reversal or an admission of an -- or an admission of a mistake. and i would expect something be done in america to make sure that nothing happens again. morocco has to apologize for something -- rockets have the right to say that, -- moroccans have the right to say that. but i don't see how i or anyone on the outside would. >> what is interesting about morocco is that, looking at this divine status where everybody loves the king, why is the debate about loving the kang or not loving the king? a mistake has been done and the question is about protecting the kids. >> i want to answer the previous question. i don't think that it has weakened the king. i think it has threatened him because of the reaction. he did the right thing. he just
and traveled through central america. brianna barnes continued our journey through the land of conquistadors, aztecs and incas, through latin america to peru. now we join zay harding in
is not to reprimand or disarm them. it is just report that. america does not have an appetite to launch into another war after iraq and afghanistan. it is finished. there is chronic fatigue. >> no money. >> i agree with anne. that this is a stopgap. we are not sending peacekeeping troops. diplomacy has all but failed. >> people are washing their hands. >> we will send an weapons inspectors. we have finally got the go- ahead. so we will do something. we may decide issues so we cannot back away from it. >> they can go wherever they want to go. their mission is going to be very monitored. until now, they can go to one site where rebels used weapons. they are not authorized to go to the site where the regime used the weapons. it is some kind of ridiculous. >> and is like holding summits. >> the anomaly during the summer is that there was this expectation about the big peace summit. it was announced by the russian and the u.s. it was supposed to be in july and august, and now nothing is happening. instead, we have inspectors going there and trying to find out -- >> we have not completely forgotten syria.
of thunderstorms and heavy rain. on into the americas, you're going to be seeing some storms as well across the mountains here in the rockies. we have got that monsoonal flow coming in. and then very unsettled once again for the southeastern corner, especially the florida peninsula and right along that gulf coast. you've got a lot of moisture filtering in there. it's not going to be particularly heavy rain, but it's falling on already saturated land. there will be the risk of flooding. then we have another tropical storm here. this one likely to become a tropical storm through the course of friday. at the moment a tropical depression tracking in towards the baja, california, peninsula. that's where we're going to see the worst of the heavy rain. here are your temperatures then for the americas. and i'll leave you with your extended forecast. >>> that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. ♪ ♪ >>> kyrgyzstan is a small country in central asia. in this very traditional country, one tradition has become a serious social problem. it's a practice called bride
against hasty decision. still, america media reported that u.s. naval forces have already been dispatched toward syria's coastal waters. russian officials are concerned about the possible military response. foreign minister sergei lavrov reportedly urged restraint when talking to his u.s. counterpart. the united states and its allies say killing by syrian forces near the site of the alleged attacks has destroyed evidence. the next step in this long running civil war could depend on the conclusions of the u.n. inspectors. nhk world. >>> japanese government officials say they are determined to take the lead in stopping radioactive groundwater from leaking from the damaged nuclear plant in fukushima. the industry minister is suggesting public funds be used to help cover the costs of building a large underground wall to dam the water. >> translator: so far tepco has simply reacted to leakage problems as they arise. but the government will now take the lead. >> he visited fukushima daiichi and surveyed the area where contaminated groundwater is being pumped out to prevent it from getting into
>> coming up, the drums of war for syria grow louder. america moves warships closer to their shores, u.s. politicians consider the idea of american intervention. the large amount of the public remains unpersuaded. in a u.s. colombian free trade deal signed 2011, they are causing colombian farmers big problems. more on this story, coming up. and an nypd officer indicted on lying about the arrest of the new york times photographer. he claimed he was using a bright flash to interfere with another arrest, but the camera did not even have a flash. more on this case in today's show. hello, it is tuesday, august 27 at 5:00 p.m. in washington dc. we start with the latest from syria. u.s. officials have laid the groundwork for a possible military attack. here is chuck hagel speaking to the bbc on the department of defense's preparedness. >> the u.s. department of defense is ready to carry out those options. if that would occur, it would occur with coordination of international partners. >> a response to a chemical weapons attack that occurred outside of damascus on august 21. the internation
in ulan bator with 18 degrees for the high on thursday. and across north america, a heat dome is still with you affecting residents in the central and eastern parts of the u.s. i want to share this video from chicago. the heat wave has forced some schools without air conditioners to close. the temperature hit 35.6 degrees, close to the record high of 36.1 degrees set in 1973. one school cranked up its air conditioners and overloaded the circuit breakers. over 600 residents had to be sent home. but it looks like many people are enjoying the late summer heat now, the peak of the hot weather is over, but much above average temperatures will remain into the weekend in chicago and across des moines. temperatures could hit 38 degrees on friday. it could break the daily record. and across the rest of north america, lots of rain across the high plains. thunderstorms are likely that are set to move into the great lakes region, but conditions will be looking up across the northeastern parts of the u.s. as we go into thursday. rain across the northwest coast, but rain is not going to fall across
abroad. by taking this maglev train to north america and other countries. developers face several hurdles to making the japanese train a global success. for one, engineers in countries such as germany and france, are working on high-speed trains of their own. the l-0's creators will keep racing to stay ahead of the curve. kyoko fujita, nhk world, yamanashi. >>> people in fukushima have been living with fear and inconvenience since the nuclear meltdown two years ago. they hear daily news about leaks of radioactive water at the crippled power plant. and many still can't go back to their homes. community leaders say they've had it with nuclear plants. they're joining hands to demand the scrapping of all reactors in their prefecture, not just those that melted down. the fukushima daiichi plant has six reactors, four were damaged in the tsunami in march 2011 and melted down. they're due to be scrapped. the fukushima daini has four reactors, none seriously damaged. mayors and assembly chiefs from the towns that host the plants say they want utility workers to scrap all ten reactors. they say th
and government officials hope to take japan's expertise abroad. by take this maglev train to north america and other countries. developers face several hurdles to making the japanese train a global success. for one, engineers in countries such as germany and france are working on high speed trains of their own. the l-0's creators will keep racing to stay ahead of the curve. reporting for nhk world, yamanashi. >>> japan's largest annual puppet festival took place in nagano prefecture early this month. one guest troupe from cambodia produced a traditional shadow puppet play. not long ago this style of story telling which dates back over 1,000 years, was on the brink of extinction. a japanese woman has been involved in preserving this history of culture. we have more. ♪ >> reporter: artists from cambodia bring to life the ancient epic of prince rama and his quest to rescue his wife from the demon king ravana. their style of puppetry is ca called sbektone which means body leather. the puppeteers are an important part of this ancient shadow theater. the puppets are all hand made from a single
for details. x welcome back to "biz asia america." the dell having its longest slump of the year. it was not a good day for the markets. the nasdaq and s&p slid as well. the minutes of the latest meeting from the federal reserve committee basically said and told investors that if the market continues to improve, they will plan to end the stimulus program. investors got worried. retail stocks took a beating. also down after disappointing sables -- sales. consumers held back on spending but there was a bright spot. the home-improvement maker beat estimates. the central bank says it will inject $1.3 billion into its banking system by buying long- term government bonds. the move is being down the government's burrowing costs overall. the central bank has stepped in in recent days to slow the decline of the country's currency. it has raised the interest rate at which it lends money to other banks and they also put a cap on their daily borrowing limits. the most it not stop the fall of the rupee. it hit another record low against the u.s. dollar. they have raised fears that tightening
d pilots association. america is even more beautiful from the air. discover it yourself. lets go fly. join us at zaon flight systems. makers of the p-cast mrx and srx. fly safer zaon portable collision avoidance systems. be part of the most passionate community of aviation enthusiasts learn more at or find us on facebook at eaahq. when the unexpected happens the lifesaver provides one hour of emergency attitude reference giving you the time you need to land safely. in a missions darkest moment trust mid continent instruments. ♪ >> now, for the first time on tv, the stories and reports of the people who fly, and the aircraft they fly. and you are invited in an exciting, house-bumping, new television series designed for everyone who has ever gazed skywards and dreamt of slipping the bonds of earth: >> this week on the aviators, we take a look at the russian mig-15. we explore the legacy and influence of the cessna brand. we take a look float training in the winter on canada's west coast. we talk to legendary aerobatic p
like you and me, and they got a helping hand from youth service america, y.s.a. >> y.s.a. is a global nonprofit that reaches out to young people around the world, now in over 106 countries, and asks them to change the world. >> i help the senior citizens locally through a charity. >> i'm an adviser for prep for prep on saturdays, which is this program that helps low-income kids get into independent schools. >> i'm going to nicaragua to build for a community. >> i definitely want to start a charity for people and children in the world who don't have everything that we have, but i don't really know how to. >> we often report on service projects kids are doing. that's how we found out about y.s.a. it helps great ideas find support and funding. according to y.s.a., there are four ways kids can change the world. >> the first is through awareness, where they raise awareness about big issues. second thing is service, where they intervene. they provide their time and their talents to a big problem. third is through advocacy, where they might do letters to the editors, have their voices heard.
about. i was joined earlier by l.a. regional director at the muslim legal fund of america. she started by explaining the story of a man. >> he is a new york-based scientist who opted out of the screening at the airport and decided to undergo a patdown instead. during that procedure, for unknown reasons the swab taken of his hand made the machines go off. that spurred various incidents, which included hours of interrogation without food or water. various interviews from law- enforcement agencies. eventually tsa cleared him, as well did the nypd. but jetblue under the assumption he was muslim would not allow him to board the flight. >> how frequently does stuff like this happen? what do non-muslim people need to know about the difficulty of flying while muslim or hindu, which people have mistaken for being muslim? >> unfortunately, this is a frequent occurrence. from personal experiences, being so-called randomly selected at the airport, as well as various incidents in the media of people being targeted because perhaps the name sounds foreign or they speak another language. it happens qu
, the assembly secretary, and the public accounts committee chairman went on a big junk and -- junket to america, and that, too, on taxpayers money. [speaking foreign language] >> is extremely unfair on the part of legislators that despite so much poverty and weakness in the infrastructure sector, no funds have been allocated and the money is spent on foreign junkets. no attention is being paid on developing educational institutions. some of the colleges that have developed are not recognized, and most of the students, after completing their education, realize that their degree is invalid. they use is disgruntled by this disparity since, on the other side of the fence, educational institutions are growing rapidly. [speaking foreign language] 's -- >> firstly, there is no infrastructure, no educational institutions and the government is in busy and -- in different and busy squandering public money. the anger amongst the youth is growing. >> well, time now for a quick break, but stay tuned because coming up after the break -- bangladesh wants to fast-track peacetime land boundary agreements, wants
houston. air china's vice president and general manager for north america says he hopes the flight will foster stronger relations between the u.s. and china. >> we do have a mission to promote stronger ties between the united states and china. if this flight does that, we will be very happy. >> some expect the new flight will bring more chinese tourists to houston. which boasts the largest drivable chinatown in the u.s. >> former u.s. president bill clinton is visiting south africa to help support the fight against hiv-aids. we will hear from the former commander-in-chief after the break. >> experts from the united nations are expected to visit panama on next week to examine a cargo ship from the democratic people's republic of korea during an undeclared shipments from cuba. the ship is still being held after being detained in panama off of the cuban officials said they were sending cargo for repairs and they would be returned to cuba. airport officials in kenya say international flights have resumed despite damage from wednesday's fire. officials predicted that overseas flights wo
into our cars. >> america is the world's leading producer of soybeans. by using oil from soybeans to make materials like the foam ellen showed me, ford now uses far less petroleum. and soybeans cause less pollution. >> so, one of the other areas we're working on is over here. and do you know what this is? >> it's wheat, right? >> exactly. so we're looking at wheat, as well as other natural fibers, to put into our hard-molded plastics in place of things like fiberglass and minerals to make our plastics stronger. so, in addition to putting natural materials to improve the environmental friendliness, it also makes our plastics lighter in weight. >> why is lightweight so important? >> well, the lighter the weight of our vehicles, the better the fuel economy. >> and that means cars can go further on less gas. >> this is a fiber called "kenaf." that can either be combined with plastic and molded into a part like this or something that's more like this. and this one, i think, is one of the more interesting ones we've been looking at recently. do you know what that is? >> money? >> yep, this is s
winning video. >> we don't do that here. bullying? do you realize that in america, almost 200,000 students are afraid to come to school every day because they're afraid of being bullied? that's why at cy ranch, we don't do that. this is how we do it. >> ♪ when you look in the mirror, tell me what do you see? ♪ ♪ are you wearing the words that you're throwing me? ♪ ♪ when you're fixing your hair and whitening your teeth, do you know that it's ugly what you do to me? ♪ ♪ guess what? ♪ you're lame ♪ you don't even know my name ♪ oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ oh, i don't want to play your games ♪ >> you can compete for scholarships and prizes in several categories. this video from cypress ranch high school in texas won for community involvement. >> ♪ who do you think you are? ♪ trying to call the shots ♪ think you're so cool, but you're so not ♪ >> the video was created by trip oswald, a senior at cypress ranch. >> bullying is something that has to stop, and we're all really passionate about that. it's just been such an amazing journey for all of us. and we were just astound
to brazil. you have to take at least 212 hour flights. >> and you go to america first. >> the fastest way is to go to america. most of the flights go through europe or doha. you have to make adjustment in time. >> and transfers. >> many times it takes more than 30 hours. >> it is a long trip. >> it is a long trip. you cannot be further away on the same planet will stop -- the same planet. and you travel one more hour on the way back home. but for business, it is a lot of trips. we still do not have a visa-free system, but we have made a lot of regrets on that. in the past, we took 10 to five days to have a visa. right now, in one day, you have a visa. it is very time efficient. we have a lot of progress on that. right now, we are moving to a new office here. we are going to provide better service. it is three times the size of the office we had before. we are going to have more people to help. we want to make better service, and more efficient. brazilians, when they come to taiwan, still have to have a visa, and still need a visa when they come to europe. this is an area that we still can
restored america's moral standing in the world. he was elected to do that and said this is something we are going to do. if he does not do it, what is left of this president' tatian? it is difficult to imagine -- this president's reputation. it is difficult to imagine he won't do anything. >> what about obama himself? >> he is leaning toward noninvolvement. the trajectory of his life, the focus of foreign-policy aspirations, the reality of where the u.s. is right now. the attempt to give it the focus of u.s. foreign policy away from the middle east towards the pacific, towards asia, where he grew up in indonesia and hawaii. this has been his lifelong trajectory, and i think his instinct is to not get involved in another war in this part of the world. >> only one person needs to be convinced of chemical weapons. vladimir putin. obama has made himself irrelevant. russia's foreign minister speaking off, calling for dialogue, urging for authorities to cooperate with weapons inspectors. the office also putting out statements like this one. we believe it calls for some european countries to p
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